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 We are Singapore based visionary studio and we believe that “A picture is worth a thousand words“.

We provide professional photography/videography services to our customers including advertisement photography, documentary photography/videography,  and portrait photography. We also help our customers to explore Chinese markets, design social media champion and events,  identify new sources of growth in the digital world, harness the power of big data and advanced analysis for their product re-branding. 

Our customers includes Tiger airway(Portfolio), Indonesia tourism board, CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK, INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA  and many local companies including Aladdin Pte. ltd.  (Portfolio) ,  Kelture hair salon and  Ming Tang Chinese restaurant  (Portfolio). You can also view our charity events photography here.


About our Art Director:

Sharon was graduated from Art School of Heilongjiang University in 2006 and has been a full time photographer and art director for more than 10 years. She joined OTHK ( A Getty Image sub-image stock ) in 2007 and served as a full-time art director and photographer. She leaded photo shooting project of historic building with more than 100 centuries and Intangible Cultural Heritage of China. In the mean while, she also specializes in advertisement and portrait photography and conducted photo shooting series for many Chinese movie Stars and pop Singers such as Chiling Lin, Jolin Tsai, Chen Kun, and Sun Honglei. In 2009, she won the top 50 photographer of OTHK and won Rising Star Awards of Getty Image in documentary category in 2010. In 2014, she co-founded Present Media & Image Pte. Ltd. in Singapore and leaded our photography and PR group to provide our customer with world leading photography/videography and consulting services to their commercial and non-commercial means.

Sharon Liu:毕业于黑龙江大学艺术学院摄影系,07年加入Getty Image控股东方风韵图片库(OTHK),为上海人文图片库负责人,为上海,西安等多家博物馆策划拍摄中国百年建筑及非物质文化遗产的记录工作,并为全国四十几家4A风景区拍摄宣传图片。同时,Sharon也为众多影视明星(包括林志玲,孙红雷,陈坤,蔡依林),企业家,文化名人等打造个人形象定制及商业广告摄影。09年获得OTHK图片库年度五十佳摄影师,2010年获得盖蒂图片社亚洲最具潜质奖(人文类分类)。Sharon在新加坡创办此时此刻人文影像公司(Present media & image Pte. ltd.),任职公司艺术总监,领导团队进行人文类图片,商业人像,广告摄影的拍摄制作,以及商业包装策划等。





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